Gerry Lopez Pipeliner


Mr. "Pipeline” himself, the pirate who discovered a new frontier at Banzai Pipeline, and co-founder of Lightning Bolt Surfboards, shaped this master-piece as a benchmark for the transition into the short board phenomenon. Lopez introduces some of the first down rail rocker elements seen in performance guns to date.

"These surfboards were the state of the art back in the 1970's when Jack Shipley and I started Lightning Bolt Unlimited, Surf Co. Inc. The pintail shapes were designed specifically for the riding the tube at the Pipeline, something that had not been done with a lot of success before that time. The sleek look of the shapes as well as the uniquely individual color work of the glass jobs had tremendous appeal to surfers visiting Hawaii from all over the US and other parts of the world. We sold a lot of these racy pintails because they looked great all lined up in the racks of our shop. Many of them ended up at beaches on the East Coast of America, Australia, England, Japan and other places where they really were unsuited for the local waves. They did, however, still look good on any beach anywhere." By GERRY LOPEZ

Measures: 7'6 long / 19" wide / 4" thick

Fin Box

Made in USA


100% Polyurethane 100% Polyurethane 100% Polyurethane 100% Polyurethane
€ 4600.00


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